“May God bless you and your family and fill your home with the lights and colors of Onam happiness and joy.”

“Have A Happy Onam.”

“Celebrate this day with a heart filled with peace, love and hope. May you find your happiness in life.”

“Happy Onam!”

“May the spirit of Onam guide you in your life. Let it live inside your heart. Fulfill what you desire and hope for the best.”

“As Onam festival fills the atmosphere with a spirit of love and delight, here’s wishing that this occasion brings happiness and more blessings to your way.”

“Best Wishes to you on Onam.”

“May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. My heartful wishes to you on Onam.”

“Happy Onam!”

“From our family to yours!!
Our warmest greetings this Onam festival.
May God fill your heart with complete cheer and joy.”

“Happy Onam!”

“May the spirit of Onam remains,
Everywhere whatever you do,
Whatever you think
Whatever you hope in your life.”

“No greeting card to give.
No sweet flowers to send.
No cute graphics to forward.
Just a loving heart of mine saying
Wishing all your family members a Happy Onam!”

“May King Mahabali bless you with good health and happiness. May all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true. “

“Happy Onam!”

“Like the bright flowers of Pokalam, may your life be filled with bright and beautiful colours. Like the boat races of Onam, may you reach your destination with full determination. Like the elaborate feast of Onam Snadhya, may you enjoy the good food everyday. “

“Happy Onam!”

“Onam is here. It’s time to decorate your home with Pokalams, challenge friends for a fun-filled boat race and feast like a king during Onam Sandhya. Let’s celebrate the harvest festival together and make it a moment to remember. “

“Happy Onam!”

“As onam spirit travel all over I wish a happy onam with grant onam sadya and happiness Happy Onam to you and your family.”


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