Monday!!!! Most of the world fears to get into the work after a break which comes on weekend. The second day of the week is Monday. And it is also the starting day of the work in the office. So, most of us need some motivation to get into the work which will improve our productivity. Here, we bring you some exceptional Monday motivational quotes to kick start your day.

“Sometimes you have to let things go there is a room for better things to come into your life.”

“Do not pray for easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

“Believe in yourself and keep trying, the right door will open for you.”

“We must accept finite disappointment , but never lose infinite hope.”

“The comeback is always greater than setback.”

“Don’t worry. you still have years left in your life show the world what you can do.”

“Everyone fails in their lives, if you haven’t failed yet you were not walking on the path of success”

“Don’t keep bad memories with you, keep it with them to learn from them and select best future for you.”

“Keep yourself positive everything will be fine.”

“Don’t be afraid of taking risk, you will surely fail in the start but after you know how to play no one can beat you.”

“Hard work is not the key to success but intelligence is the key to success, so grow your intelligence and you will get success.”

“Never limit your capacity we are all entitle to do greater things.”

“Keep your silence with you, talk with your success.”

“There are many ways to achieve success but there are no shortcuts to success.”

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